In the last 4+ years, I’ve collected some valuable tips from multiple teachers. I hope they will be as useful to you as they have been for me. Always open strong, experiment with other approaches as you gain experience Call out the moment, don’t ignore anything the audience is aware of Make local references Remove jokes that don’t get laughs Infer insider knowledge instead of stating outright Personalize your jokes Lean towards humility and self-deprecating humor Create contrast with masculine/feminine perspectives Positive jokes about negative topics can be effective Err on side of empathy and avoid punching down Progressively get more ridiculous Use dialogue vs monologue towards audience Smooth transitions Avoid saying things that make you appear weak Never apologize to the audience First line is to get people to like you Get a laugh within first 10 seconds Don’t laugh at your own jokes, just deliver Aim for a joke every 20 seconds Follow the “3 is the golden rule” of comedy Don’t give away material for free Smile more, use tone, speed, and volume to speak clearly Create interesting and well-constructed content Always finish strong Leave the audience wanting more